Active Line




Around 300 items are developed weekly internally, from graphic design: cutting, sewing, washing, dyeing, printing and embroidery.
Our teams can help to adapt any requirements on a large diversity of garments and fabrics:
trousers, dresses, skirts, bermuda shorts, shirts, jackets and suits for Woman, Man and Children in denim, ready to dye, linen, polyester satin, popeline, ….

For the development, communication & presentation, we are using following software:
Photoshop, Illustrator, CLO 3D for the graphic part, WGSN for research, EIM score to control and improve our sustainability practices apply to dyeing & washing.

Available features:
BCI, organic or recycled fabric, 3D pictures and video of sample for pattern checkin, huge range of accessory & packaging, ….



In 2016 we started to build a new internal dyeing and washing lab for several reasons: to control the treatment applied on samples, to discover & develop new processes, to be able to extract the most from fabrics while playing with dry & wet processes.

Currently our lab is performing the entire treatment on samples but not only, the lab team regularly arrange workshop with chemical suppliers we use to work with (Garmon, Montega, Dyestar, Impocolor, Asutex, Archroma …) It permits us to stay alert about latest chemicals & processes that we have to test and integrate in our range of treatment.

Available features :
E-flow, Ozone, Laser, ECOstone, PP alternatives, Bleach alternatives, waterless processes, vegetal & mineral range of Dyes, anti-bacterial & anti-viral long lasting treatment, water repellent treatment.

Our laundry laboratory is a great tool that help us developing sustainable actions, for example we started working with the EIM score and check our own recipes since 2018. Then we’ve challenge ourselves to raise the quantity of EIM checked samples while adapting recipes to lower the ecological impact the most that we could. Today we’re daily storing EIM recipe & report on every samples to strengthen sustainability, traceability & communication.