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We believe in personal self-expression trough design and development, but we keep in mind the need to protect and conserve world’s natural resources. We believe that there are ways to preserve environment while changing conventional production of fashion products. We believe that one action to stop deforestation and reduce climate change is to develop and design sustainable fashion that uses the ECO fabrics and technologies, and is produced ethically.

Considering this, we are working on a lot of different projects focused on reducing the footprint of our business activities: Recycled fabrics, Low water & temperature treatment helped by techs or high-end chemical products, waste management, …

We are used to collaborate with worldwide and local textile industrial actors to push sustainable practices and allow progress to happen. So, if you want to dedicate your time and project to build sustainable improvements, be sure that Crossing will be pleased to support you hoping to stitch a better future.

When using an overseas manufacturer, it can be challenging to vet them and to ensure the ethical promises they have made to you are being adhered to. Having a trusted party visit them to check their facility is advisable. However, by only using manufacturers that are certified by a relevant recognized body or bodies is a good first step towards ensuring compliance. Plus, it provides third party validation of your own business’s approach to responsible working practices – which is increasingly important in a world where consumers are becoming increasingly socially and environmentally conscious and demanding.